COVID-19 (2nd Wave) Relief Distribution

The spread of the second flood of (COVID-19) has sped up the pandemic into a dangerous one with the financial effect of the emergency being felt around the world. It has additionally influenced India and we see the quantity of affirmed cases rising ordinary. To contain the infection and to forestall its further spread, the Govt. of West Bengal declared a total lockdown which is reached out till 30th May, 2021. Schools and universities have been shut, numerous enterprises have halted their activity, privately owned businesses have been requested to telecommute, development exercises have halted, and all vehicle administrations suspended. The lockdown announced by the State Government has desperately influenced individuals like day wage laborers, road sellers and so on. We are currently seeing a phenomenal philanthropic emergency.

Response by Anugraha Foundation:

Remembering the current situation, Anugraha Foundation along with Sympathy has gone to the aid of a couple of families with dry apportion and fundamental dry ration items for their endurance during this lockdown. We had the option to help 20 families from South Kolkata area. We genuinely thank the supporters for offering their significant help to help these families out of luck.

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