About Us

Anugraha Foundation

Children are considered to be our future generation and pre-planned investment in children will surely yield better outcome in days to come. In this context, Anugraha Foundation has focused child centric development initiative to build future generation of our society by providing quality education to marginalized and needy children. In this process, life skill education, teaching on moral values, skill development cum technical education of children have been designed to ensure holistic development of every child of project area in collaboration of partners and resource organization. This is an ongoing initiative to bring needy and excluded community into the mainstream of integrated development.


— Our Mission

Anugraha Foundation is committed to promote child-centric holistic development of disadvantaged/vulnerable children, their families and communities with equal opportunities ensuring life of a respectful citizen of the nation.

— Our Vision

To witness a sensitized community where every member be it male or female gets access to equal opportunities to become self-sufficient and as a result the community as a whole be empowered enough to lead a fulfilled and quality life with respect and dignity.

— Our Story

Anugraha Foundation is a charitable trust, registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882. (No. IV-1903-00262/2019). Anugraha Foundation is presently working among the underprivileged people group in South Bengal focusing on some of the most remote areas in The Sundarbans. Our Mission is to provide poor and needy children with equal opportunities to develop holistically and to become a fulfilled and responsible citizen of the nation.


Anugraha Foundation is a development organization focusing on the following objectives:

  • To promote holistic child development through education and awareness initiative.
  • To ensure better health of vulnerable children, women and excluded groups through integrated health intervention.
  • To promote WASH intervention in order to reduce the incidences of water-borne diseases in water crisis region.
  • To design sustainable community development program with special focus on women, children and aged representing tribal community.
  • To facilitate sustainable linkages with service providers in order to expand outreach of various development intervention in the community.


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